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Book Series: Postal Marines

Book 1: Bellicose

Imperial Postal Marine Danel Bophendze struggles to survive an epic fleet battle. But with an ancient embeddable AI in his skull, the real fight is all in his head.

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Book 4: Scintilla

Falsely accused, Mondennio Rowenzal must cope with the injustice of Copa’s clinate system, and Jonaldy Ammonett’s efforts to compel him to be an agent for the Imperium.

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What he’s been rambling about lately.

Article: 39 Cents a Day

39 Cents a Day

Perhaps I shouldn’t find this specific video so funny, but I do. It speaks to the hubris that we know what is better for somebody else. “Don’t even know what country you’re in.”

Article: Frustration With Zerigo

Frustration With Zerigo

This morning, I woke up looking forward to spending time preparing for my next novel series. Instead, I spent the past two hours trying to fix a problem with my domain name …

Article: Considering Kickstarter

Considering Kickstarter

I am 50,000 words from the first major milestone of my writing career. Once Imbroglio is drafted, I will have finished the first four novels in a series. What I lack is …

Article: Slothful September

Slothful September

In August, I sang praises of Dragon in helping me accelerate my writing. I promptly stopped writing altogether. But in the words of Han Solo: “it’s not my fault.”

Article: So I'm Building a VO Sound Booth

So I’m Building a VO Sound Booth

In looking at voice-over, perhaps I’ve jumped the shark. But, as a self-published author, I think being able to make my books available as audiobooks is a niche to explore. As an …

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