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I am in the process of running a logo design contest on 99designs and have created a poll with 6 of the best logo designs I've received. I would love for you to vote on the logo design. It only takes a minute.

Latest News

Bophendze in Luctation.

Article Category: Postal Marine Series

Murder on Guna Prime

On the live-fire training planet of Guna, Keius Minjen witnesses the murder of his friend. Prelude to the Forebearance Series.

Author as Mastermind Creator

Article Category: Writing

Copyright: Authorship

The 9th Circuit says authorship involves originality and a 'mastermind' role in creating the work.

Not a Purchase Option

Article Category: Diary

Random Car Advice

As I am occasionally asked, here is my random 'I want to buy a new car' advice.

Packard Automotive Plant, Detroit

Article Category: Diary

Fragile Societies, Resilient Citizens

Here are my notes from a recent David Brin lecture I had the pleasure of listening to.

Dragonfly on the Mic

Article Category: Writing

Dictate Your Book

A nickle's worth of free advice on how to Dictate Your Novel using Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Dragon Dictate.

Scrivener 2.0 for Mac. Screenshot of corkboard overview.

Article Category: Technology

Automating Scrivener: Wordcount Log

While shifting to Scrivener, I share how I automatically update my word count log out of Scrivener.

GitHub Squid Cat

Article Category: Technology

GitHub to Work with Your Beta Readers

One advantage of using GitHub is the ability to collaborate with your beta readers.

Photo of the reconstruction of the Turk

Article Category: Technology

Automating Scrivener: GitHub Commit

Authors have a chance to automatically archive their Scrivener files using GitHub with this simple script.

Jetsam - Terschelling Beach

Article Category: Diary

My Goals for 2016

After a failed 2015, Ben regroups for 2016 and sets modest goals for the coming year.


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