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Struggling orphan becomes Postal Marines' Greatest Hero

Desperate to succeed, Bophendze embedded an ancient artificial intelligence in his brain. Litovio left a promising career in the Navy to join the Postal Marines. They both must fight to survive the epic Battle of Tannenberg Gate. But for Bophendze, the real struggle is all in his head.

Will Definitely Read
the Next Book

I'll definitively get the next book in this series. If anyone who has been in the military knows that you will have one person in your unit who is a idiot can understand this story

Larry C. Holly
Must Read
for Former Marines

Bought this book for my dad who is an former marine and he loves every page of it! A must read for all former marines out there!

Great Substance

A nice coming-of-age story with a sci-fi twist. Nothing like an AI implant and bullets whizzing by your head to help you grow up quick, unlike the garbage mainstream books have been toting...

Drunkn Fairy

Forebearance Series Hard Pressed, But Not Crushed

Keius Minjen joined the Postal Marines hoping to one day liberate his homeland. But when his unit is cut-off and surrounded on the Battle Planet Guna, Trooper Minjen must liberate himself.

Read Murder on Guna Prime

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