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'My Life is About Telling Stories'

Ben Wilson is a science fantasy writer and a jack-of-many-trades. He’s into history, human nature and religious studies. He is the author of the Postal Marine Series, though he eventually wants to write four novel series. No hubris here. His books are avalable on Amazon. Ben lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife, three children,
and Milo the friendly cat.

Latest News

Article Category:Technology

Ruby's AWS SDK v2 Solu...

During my transition to Jekyll, I was confronted by the AWS-SDK v2 gem update. I share my solution here.

Article Category:Technology

Octpress to Jekyll

In my recent overhaul of from Octopress to Jekyll, I'm reminded of the beauty of simplicity.

Article Category:diary

Going Back to Scrivener

Ben, the eternal tool geek, is turning back toward Scrivener for novel writing.

Article Category:vw beetle

A Buggy Summer

I've made a fair amount of progress over the summer on the Beetle, but I have a way to go to finish the chassis.

Article Category:writing

Review: Guide to Writi...

After reading Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, I thought it was worth a review.

Article Category:postal marine series

Jonaldy Ammonett

As I am editing Luctation, I wanted to chat a bit about the main character: Jonaldy Ammonett. He starts lowly and insecure, but we see eventually that he rises to be a real power in and of himself.


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