About Merovex & Ben Wilson


About Merovex Press

Yes, the domain and site names are different. Dausha.net has been my personal site for nearly 20 years, and names are hard to change. A long time ago I had the nickname “Dausha” (which means noise pollution in Egyptian), though recently it became “Merovex” due to the vast amount of information I keep in my wee brain. Thus Merovex Press was born.

Merovex is the imprint for some of the worst science fiction you will ever read. I’ll just leave it at that.

About Ben Wilson

Me in 140 Characters

Ben Wilson is a science fiction writer, husband, father, project manager, lover of the divine, human nature student. On twitter @merovex.

Ben in 50-ish Words

Ben Wilson is a science fantasy writer. He’s into history, human nature and religious studies. He is the author of the Postal Marine Series, though he eventually wants to write four novel series. His books are avalable on Amazon Ben lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife three children, and Milo the friendly cat.

Why I write

My life is about telling stories.

Ben Wilson

When friends and co-workers find that I write novels, I explain that I am a poor writer of bad Science Fiction. I don’t pretend to write the Great (Insert Nationality Here) Novel, or even the most provocative. I just write and try to improve.

I’ve had the yen for storytelling my whole life. It started listening to my dad tell funny stories when I was a boy. I picked up his talent for oral story telling. My first career was in the military, which is a story-telling culture, where I honed my talent. I’ve yearned to write for thirty years and began to more seriously apply myself in recent years. It’s not the easiest process in the world, but I enjoy putting the words to screen. I hope you enjoy what you read. If you’d like to share with me ways you think the story could be improved, I’d love to have you in my community.

The Postal Marine Series follows the careers of two Imperial Postal Marines, Bophendze and Litovio.

What Others Say About My Novels

I like Mondennio, but sometimes I want to slap some sense in him.
Dennis about Mondennio in Scintilla


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Github provides the Platform as a Service (PaaS), which lets one host for free if the traffic’s not too heavy. Hey, if Netflix can be the largest consumer of public cloud infrastructure, I can use Github.

The style was designed by Ben Wilson, using Google’s Material Design as its foundation, rendered in SASS. (I had previously used Bootstrap and even liked the pending v4 release, but this was cleaner.) Non-standard web fonts are provided courtesy of Google.

Site content is authored on my local computer using Sublime Text. Jekyll lets me use Markdown in all its glory. Having previously used PmWiki for web sites, being able to use pure Markdown is just plain fun. Git provides the transport mechanism to deliver the code to the web server.

Have I established my geek creds?


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I value your opinions. If you have comments, suggestion for improvement or questions, you can contact me on Facebook.