Studio Mic A Year of Audible 2016

Closing out a third year of Audible listening, my year was focused on history.

A pumpkin dreams of Halloween Must Barney Die? A Legal Opinion

Have you ever had a time when you wanted to just snap from the stress? I have. And I did. What I did next was fun.

Response is Fight or Flight Copyright: Author's Response

How should an author respond in a legal landscape that expects action?

Portrait of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 1898 Writing on Github: Organizing the Book

GitHub best practices work perfectly for organizing a novel.

Screenshot of GitHub Issues List Introducing Korektu

Korektu helps self-published authors with howto get reader feedback into private GitHub repo issues.

Exile on Ontario St Writing on Github: Organizing the Series

As a developer, I find using Github as a writer soothing. Here are a few tips I've picked up.

It A Little Worldbuilding

While trying to work back into the Postal Marine series, Ben takes a turn at worldbuilding.

Rusted Scout Axe Unsharpening the Axe

Ben shares his semi-reluctant return to his Bookmaker toolchain now called 'Verku'

Strange Clouds Adrift Strange Things Afoot

Given a choice between writing and updating the webiste, the website won.

Author Copyright: Author's Work Product

How should an author respond in a legal landscape that expects action?

Bophendze in Luctation. Murder on Guna Prime

On the live-fire training planet of Guna, Keius Minjen witnesses the murder of his friend. Prelude to the Forebearance Series.

Author as Mastermind Creator Copyright: Authorship

The 9th Circuit says authorship involves originality and a 'mastermind' role in creating the work.