Spectre Wallpaper Analyzing Spectre

As we saw in Skyfall, in Spectre we see sophisticated storytelling with a clear moral theme.

Warning, I Build Passing. More Perfect?

For the first time in years, I have a website that has been fully vetted courtesy of Continuous Integration.

Men like war because women like warriors Discipline Verses Self-Discipline

I recently hit upon a definition of self-discipline that struck a chord with my young children; so I thought I'd share it.

Technology Can be Frustrating Ruby's AWS SDK v2 Solution

During my transition to Jekyll, I was confronted by the AWS-SDK v2 gem update. I share my solution here.

Octopress Logo Octpress to Jekyll

In my recent overhaul of from Octopress to Jekyll, I'm reminded of the beauty of simplicity.

Screenshot of Scrivener Series Going Back to Scrivener

Ben, the eternal tool geek, is turning back toward Scrivener for novel writing. Could this be the last change?

72 Super Beetle May 2015 A Buggy Summer

I've made a fair amount of progress over the summer on the Beetle, but I have a way to go to finish the chassis.

Enter Imagination Review: Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction

After reading Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, I thought it was worth a review.

Bophendze in Luctation. Jonaldy Ammonett

As I am editing Luctation, I wanted to chat a bit about the main character: Jonaldy Ammonett. He starts lowly and insecure, but we see eventually that he rises to be a real power in and of himself.

Screenshot of A Geekier Side of Me and PmWiki

The developer side of me keeps tweaking my writing toolchain. I keep coming back to PmWiki, and wrote a Sublime Text plugin to help me do it the way I want to.

Aftermarket air conditioner in the windshield. Starting on the Chassis (Beetle Pt-3)

After about six weeks of owning the Super Beetle, I'm finally coming to terms with the totality of this project. And, I will get back into editing novels soon.

A photo of rust inside C-Pillar Project Goals & Death Foam (Beetle Pt-2)

A week in, I finally have project goals for restoring the Beetle, and the first issue to address.