72 Super Beetle May 2015 Shifting Gears to Save a Beetle (Beetle Pt-1)

I'm splitting my time from editing to save a Super Beetle

Guardian of Silence Breaking the Silence

After a few hard months, I'm back in business.

Short Life & Abject Poverty Spock!

There's a lot of mourning on the Internet over the loss of Nimoy. I wanted to add my thanks.

Snowbird Progress in Winter 2015

A friend asked me this week about my writing. So, I figured it was time to report slow going.

End of a Era Memories of a VW Bug Roadtrip

I always wanted my first car to be a Bug. I eventually owned two. This is a story of one road trip.

Bellicose Novel Cover The Bafiktuy Directive

In Bellicose you meet Admiral Bence, an individual who seems completely out of his element. That's because he is not an admiral, but a member of the Bafiktuy.

Octopress Logo Lessons in Octopress

Ben chats about use of Octopress.

Self-Publishers, Up in Flames? Problem for Self-Publishers?

Earlier this week, a fellow self-publisher complained about the negative impact of Kindle Unlimited. I disagreed with her. Either way, the market is not driving me out.

A Brave New World Building a Brave New World

I'd like to share with you a curious approach to world-building geography.

The Sun has Risen Looking Back on 2014

When the day is at its shortest, it's time to look back at last year's progress. I accomplished more than I thought, but less than I had hoped.

Serenity Now Quiet Rituals of a Negligibly Successful Writer

After recently reading an article of rituals of successful people, I wanted to share some thoughts on how those rituals apply to me.

Listening A Year of Audible, 2014

I'd like to share what I've learned from a year of using Audible.