Maneō et Certō Writing Goals for 2015

November is barely half-over and I'm making 2015's writing plans. This year has been very educational in terms of writing under something resembling a schedule. I'd like to make the most of it.

Bellicose Novel Cover Inspiration for the Postal Marines

It's time to share some backstory on how Danel Bophendze was able to join the Postal Marines at sixteen.

Snail reaches her limits. So I'm Building a VO Sound Booth, Pt 3

The final story in the saga of a privately owned Voice Over Booth. After much research and analysis, I'm finally ready to press the button.

Esteemed Judge Sherlock Ramifications

Sherlock Holmes and Tarzan now in the public domain?

ALT TEXT Machines Like Us

Description for front page & Third-party.

Writing by Light November and NaNoWriMo 2014

Looking at my progress for 2014, I've not written a word since 24 August. I am now 37,299 words behind schedule. Can NaNoWriMo save me?

SNL 39 Cents Video 39 Cents a Day

Thirty-nine cents is all it takes to meet the basic needs of these poor villagers.

Screenshot of my desktop with Zerigo. Frustration with Zerigo

I've not had a fun Saturday fixing my DNS with Zerigo.

A Smith Corona typewriter. Considering Kickstarter

With nearly four novels written and two published, now is the time to take a step back and have them professionally edited.

Face Palm Slothful September

Ben explains his activites over September -- Slothful.

Gritty Guitar Soloist So I'm building a VO sound booth, Pt 2

Ben continues to discuss evil malchinations of an aspiring voice-over author.

Image of a Failed Iso Booth Design So I'm Building a VO Sound Booth

Ben discusses the intricate steps in preparing for a voice-over career as an author.