Knight on horseback Three Words and Amazon

Ben Wilson gives the three words he thinks will defined 2013.

Skyfall Movie Poster Skyfall Plot Analysis

Ben Wilson shows how understanding story structure helps enjoy a movie like Skyfall that much more.

Agile Board Agile Publishing Model

Since he's a self-publisher, Ben Wilson discusses the Agile Publishing Model as a way to progressively improve a novel.

Bellicose Novel Cover Work in Progress: Bellicose

Ben Wilson is glad that Bellicose is in pre-production.

Three Mongeese It's Not Really Three Acts

Ben Wilson describes why it's a four-act structure.

Yellow paper with handwriting A Writing Standard?

Ben Wilson asks whether writing should meet a standard.

Man jumping into ocean Not Gone, Just Distracted

Ben Wilson is still around.

Heroes Mask Heroes for More than One Season

Ben Wilson explains why authors should plan to write series, and suggests that Snowflake Method will help.

Friends at Sunset When Friends Take a Turn for the Worse

Ben Wilson describes a shady deal.

Scintilla Cover A Little About the Imperium Series

Not that anybody's reading at this point, but I wanted to give a bit of news about progress in writing the novel Scintilla.

Dominos ready to fall. Questions About the Domino Project

Having previously discussed the Domino Project, I would like to have a hypothetical question and answer session.

Dominos ready to fall. Adopt the Domino Project for Your Novels

The Domino Project offers a way of encouraging readers to try you out as a new writer.