Breaking the Silence

After a few hard months, I'm back in business.

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After a few hard months, I’m back in business. I thought it would be appropriate for me to break the silence a bit.

My goal for this year is to finish Luctation and Imbroglio. A stretch goal is to finish plotting the fifth novel in the series Serendipity or plot the next novel series. The first step is to finish Luctation by July. However, I did not start the revision until last weekend. The family was out-of-town and I thought I could get some serious revision work done.

Instead, I documented my personal approach to writing a series, and updated my business plan. I did get the first chapter edited as I planned. Today I wrapped up chapter two. Depending on what’s going on tomorrow, I might get chapter three done. That will be a full quarter of the book through the second draft.

I’m sort of having fun with Luctation this time. I finished the first draft last August, and did not touch it or read it since. I sat down and re-plotted it in March, with what I thought were some serious changes. As I go through the second draft, I see that the re-plotted Luctation was there all along. There were inconsistencies in the first draft. By trimming out the inconsistencies in favor of the new plot, the story seems to pull together better. Because of this, I expect the revision will wrap up quickly.

My goal is to have Luctation out by July. That is audacious.

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