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By way of a general update, I thought I should probably explain some of the odder changes on the website.

This is a short update on the site and other news. The frontpage has changed themes a few times recently. Part of this stems from a desire to put the better foot forward, and the other part is a delusion that I have some sense of artistic taste. The geek in me decided that a refresh was in order, including a change from the Bootstrap CSS framework to Materialize CSS.

In March, I announced a logo competition. It took me a while to implement it on the site. I have to say, it looks better than my self-developed logo. It called for a better design, even.

And, there’s a slow change in names. The nickname Dausha was given to me over a quarter century ago. While it still applies, I have outgrown it. Merovex is derived from a more recent nickname and relatively unique to me. Maybe one day I’ll share the story. Over the next several months, I’ll be making the steady change from Dausha Publishing to Merovex Press.

As aways, thanks to the fans! I am continuing to develop the Forbearance web series as I get my mind back into writing. You should see more frequent releases of the series starting in June.

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