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Ben Wilson gives the three words he thinks will defined 2013.

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It’s that time of year again when people make resolutions. I typically make mine in October (birth month). I skim about 50-100 articles in my RSS feed daily, read maybe a dozen of them. Chris Brogan put out an interesting post about summarizing your year in three words that inspired me to summarize my 2013 goals. Part of that is to take on Amazon’s writing challenge suggested by Galleycat.

### Three Words in 2013: Write. Right. Lead. ###

Go. To. Hell. That certainly frames 2012. Wait, you wanted my 2013 words?

Write. I aspire to be self-publishing novelist. It sucks when my publisher (me) sends me a rejection letter. The goal this year is to submit to the 2014 Amazon Novel challenge. Since that leads to a contract, I don’t necessarily want to win. I will, however, play to win.

Right. As a Christian and a father, I endeavor to improve my relationship with God so that I can extend the effective range of his will.

Lead. I am in an influential role at home, work and my community. To lead I must keep my wits about me in the myriad storms, chart a meaningful path that others can follow, and exhort so that they will.

Amazon’s Writing Challenge

I’m going to tease out the “Write” word above as the big challenge for 2013. Galleycat exhorted its readers on 31 December to “make a potentially life- changing New Year’s Resolution” by submitting one’s novel to the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest (among others). As a self-publisher, I really don’t want to have a contract. I have a lot of different excuses, but it comes down to wanting to exert control over my work, even if that limits the exposure, quality or what-have-you.

But, submitting a novel for competition against 9,999 other aspiring authors has a certain way of prodding me to finish Bellicose, which is just under 27,000 words now.

How would you summarize your 2013 goals in three words?

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