Writing Progress January 2014

Ben offers a retrospective on his first month of writing with a goal and visual analytics.

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In December I wrote about my plan to increase my work performance by simply writing 500 words a day for 200 days. My progress in January almost broke even.

Let me start by saying I did not start the commitment until 6 January. I needed a few days to get situated and write the scripts that would help me visualize my progress. The chart above demonstrates the results of that work, which is also available at my writing progress 2014 page. Here’s the breakdown of my month:

  • 1-5 January: Write scripts.
  • 6-19 January: Editing Bellicose, but not at a good progress
  • 19 January: I added the cumulative delta (the red and blue lines), which showed my writing deficit
  • 20-26 January: I pushed myself to finish the Bellicose edit, since editing does not put as many words on paper. I also started editing through Luctation to get caught up with the storyline.
  • 27-30 January: Due to the new cover for Scintilla I reformatted the interior of Scintilla. This led to a few global edit changes that threw the total word count all over the place, resulting in negative word counts and false positives. This period is essentially flat since I’m producing, not editing.
  • 30-31 January: I spent a couple days wrestling with Create Space to get my book format to actually work. That effort is ongoing as of 1 February.

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