Postal Marine Series

The Postal Marine series stars Imperial Postal Marine Danel Bophendze. We meet him as a naive young boy who mistakenly installs an ancient, manipulative AI in his brain. Bophendze ends up becoming a legend in the Marines, before turning his back on it all.


Book 1: Bellicose

The orphaned Danel Bophendze struggles to find his way as a new marine in the Imperial Postal Service. He embedded SMEE, an ancient artificial intelligence, in his brain hoping it will give him the edge he needs. Aristocratic Ambrose Litovio left a promising career in the Navy to join the Postal Service. He is called upon to assist the only admiral as war looms between the Postal Service and the Navy. Bophendze and Litovio fight to survive the epic Battle of Tannenberg Gate. To Bophendze, the real fight is all in his head.

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Book 2: Luctation

After a series of failed missions, Jonaldy Ammonet is given the impossible mission of rescuing royal family members. Another failure will be his death. Postal Marine Danel Bophendze hovers at the edge of sanity battling his inner demon. Together, they are pitted against the ruthless Selan, who only wants his hostages back. Jonaldy must decide between the hostages and himself in order to stop interference with Dabrian imperial succession.

Book 3: Imbroglio

After a long, distinguished service as an Imperial Postal Marine, Danel Bophendze's commits the Belter Massacre under orders. Exiled to a remote outpost, he finds himself abandoned in an alien system where he discovers hyperspace radar technology. Rescued and arrested, he must distinguish between self-preservation and the good of the Corps.

Book 4: Scintilla

On the verge of earning a plum job in government, pampered Mondennio Rownzal Clin-Khotaigra is is kicked out of university after being falsely accused of cheating. He struggles to clear his name, only to be implicated in the murder of a magistrate. Confronted with the injustices of Copa's clinate system, Mondennio must reconcile his doubt in his government's legitimacy against Jonaldy Amonett's efforts to compel him to be an agent for the Imperium.

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