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Computers will soon become more intelligent than us. Some of the best brains in Silicon Valley are now trying to work out what happens next.

At least, that’s how the article at FT Magazine starts. The article discusses how we are trying to come to grips with the ramifications of having human-intelligent machines and computers. Yes, this has been the staple of Science Fiction for decades. One of my more favorite is Colossus, a 1970 movie where two sentient computers decided to rule man because he cannot rule himself. Science Fiction as a genre helps us explore the philosophical elements of technology long before it exists. Per the article, now scientists are getting serious about it.

In the Postal Marine Series, we get to know Smee. He was one of the last fully sentient, embeddable artificial intelligences made in the Terradoma. The problem with Smee and his peers is an uncanny desire to be in charge. One of the reviews for Bellicose commented that Smee was far too human in his behavior. That humanity was the critical failure in the Ennui design, the design of those AI. Scientists thought the human nature in the AI could be constrained by the host. Smee proves otherwise.

Yet for some reason, Danel Bophendze is much better at controlling Smee. At least, that’s the way it looks.

Sentient artificial intelligence forces us to look at our own nature. As the Creator, we cannot help but fear our creature, the AI. Will Smee ultimately dominate Bophendze as he had dominated before? That’s a question for the entire series. So, keep reading.

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